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Review Introduction

Sloty Casino is a groundbreaking online Casino platform, licensed and incorporated under the rules of Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and UK Gambling Commission (GC) one of the strictest authorizations of the industry. In 2021 has an elegant user interface and site structure, which offers over 1,300 games including Slots, their specialty, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, Live Casino and several unconventional games along with the popular ones. They have a wide variety of promotions to offer to its players as well as a VIP Program for those who like to the red carpet rolled out before them. In addition, the website is protected by SSL along with a number of other methods which ensures User’s privacy, data confidentiality, and financial security.

Responsible Gaming

In 2021, Sloty Casino has a driven team dedicated to not just entertain its online gamblers but also look after them in various ways. While most people, in essence, gamble only for entertainment a small minority struggles with serious gambling issues where they try to make money out of gamble or spend more money than they can actually afford, or spend more time than they can afford. In order to help its players maintain the game-life balance, While being in accordance with MGA and GC, and in their pursuit to becoming a market leader, SlotyCasino offers a variety of prevention measures.

  • Limits! Limits are one of the most effective methods to stop Gambling from becoming a problem and keep the entertainment and leisure in check. There are deposit limits, Wagering limits, Session limits and Loss limit. A deposit limit restricts the amount of money you can deposit in a given time period, which leaves you with smaller amounts to wager and play online with. Loss limit and Wagering limits are parallel, Loss limit restricts the amount you can lose from wagering. Once you have lost a given amount in a given timeframe, then no more gambling for you! Similarly, Wagering limits let you stop how much you can wager on games in a given day,week or month. Session limits are non-financial restrictions, as they give pop up messages every once in a while, informing players how much they have played.
  • Self-Exclusion and cooling off: As the name explains itself, self-exclusion means to exclude oneself from playing for a long period of time. For those who think Gambling has now become a serious issue and is gradually falling out of hands, they can join this program. Just talk to the support department and they will freeze your account for several weeks or several months depending on the request. During this time your account is suspended and only in rare occasions will you be allowed to get access to your account. Taking a break less than 6 months is called cooling-off while longer than six months becomes self-exclusion.
  • Suggested Forums: Sloty Casino recommends several forums regulated by authorized parties, where Gamblers can discuss their problems, share their concerns, etc.
  • Underage Gamling Not allowed: Below 18 people are not allowed to register and the team recommends several cyber Nanny and related platforms to help parents keep their children’s internet activities in check.

Slots: Pull the lever and watch the reels go crazy!

Slots are perhaps the most widely liked category of Casino games and Sloty Casino is proud to introduce it as its speciality. Among the variety, are included, the top trending, popular, all time classics, fresh in the market games. The list of games include but are not limited to Fire Joker, Royal Seven, Book of Dead, Vikings go Berzerk. Bonanza, Dragon’s luck and more.

Among the top trending is Vikings go Berzerk, and as the name suggests the Vikings actually go Berzerk in this game when you win, which gives you a chance to earn big!

Vikings go Berzerk is a 5 reel, 25 playline slot game with Wild, Scatter and Rage meter. Thinking this is just another ordinary, hit the spin button and let the reels spinning game? Think again! In this game as you win, the Vikings become outraged. There is a rage meter on the side that starts to fill up and once it is full, which means you beat the Vikings a lot in a day, you get 7 Free spins!

Berzerk Mode: When Vikings are gone berserk, they always win in the free spin mode.

All vikings can become sticky wilds in the free spin mode. Scatter symbol in the game is represented by a symbol ‘free spin’.  3 of the scatters earn you 7 Free Spins + Bonus, 4 of the scatters earn you 14 Free Spins + Bonus, 5 of the scatters earn you 21 Free Spins + Bonus.

Wild is represented by a symbol with ‘Wild’ written in it, and substitutes for all other symbols besides free spin.

Along with the Free Spins there is a bonus included. The bonus could be one of the following.

  1. All Vikings are berzerk, so win is a guarantee! They will keep spinning until you win
  2. 1 Sticky Wild is placed randomly.
  3. 1 sticky wild on a random reel
  4. 1-3 Extra Free spins
  5. 5 Extra Treasure Chests or Gold Treasure Chest Added

The Treasure Chests can give you 50 – 1000 coins, Addition 2 – 4 Spins, Wild Reel, 1 or 2 Extra reel. The Golden treasure chests gives bigger rewards! Moreover, there are 25 winning combinations! So forget the need to get everything in a row, just get one of the combinations and go berzerk with the rewards!

Fan of mainstream 3-reel slot Games? Craving for the usual homogenous Slot Machines in a land based Casino, placed in a queue, each with a big lever that pulls for either good luck or bad? There is something for you too!

Fire Joker is a simple 3-reel, 5 play lines slot game for mainstream players. But wait. It’s not that boring! A combination of any three matchmaking symbols on a playline leads to a win, not just the middle playline.

The Wild Symbol in this game is the ‘Fire Joker’ that substitutes for all other symbols. When stacked symbols show on any two reels without a winning playline, then you get a free respin on the third reel with the other two reels frozen.

When all reel positions are filled with the same symbol then you get a major fiery Wheel of Multiplier in which the bets are multiplied with the amount you hit on the spinning wheel. The spinning wheel goes up to 10x !

Like the feeling of standing on that Roulette table, betting on your favourite number, or colour and roll the dice letting it spin in the opposite direction as the spinning wheel, and pray for it to stop on your wager? Well the Online Roulette at website or app is going to give you the same amount of thrill with it’s high graphic Roulette games, except there is even more kick to it!

Rolling Dice is an Art, see it on its best in Roulette Games

Roulette is likely to be among the top most popular Casino Games, and so Sloty Casino has done the homework for you to enjoy it to its fullest. There is a variety of Roulette Games available, included in which are several Live Roulettes, namely, European Roulette, Lightening Roulette, Immersive Roulette and more. Among the instant Roulette games is American roulette.

American Roulette is a vintage based Roulette game which consists of numbers 1 – 36 and two special number 0 and 00, making a total of 38 numbers. You have the option to bet on either Odd vs Even, Number 1 – 18 vs Number 19 – 36, Red vs Black, all with a nearly 50% win probability and therefore an attached payoff of just 1:1 given the risk involved.

The more the risk the higher the return! You can also bet on single numbers, which have a probability of just 1/38 and you can win 35:1 and such bets are all called Straight bets. You can bet on any two numbers, which is a Split Bet and has a payoff of 17:1.

More generous betting would be to bet on any 12, with a probability of almost 33% and a Payout of 2:1.

Check out the Betting Payouts and Rules: Just click the triple bars on top left, hit ‘play table, and all definitions, bet types and their respective Payouts along with minimum amounts and maximum amounts are provided. The rules section exists for all Games, in order to guide players on how to play each specific game. In other game it can be found from the ‘i’ symbol.

It’s always best to understand the rules first before you begin.

Blackjack, Baccarat and more for those who like to Flip Cards

Like to flip cards? There is something for everyone! The Card games can be found in the category ‘Table Games’ and among the popular games are included Blackjack Games and Baccarat Games.

‘Blackjack’ is a fun card flipping game where you are dealt 2 cards facing up, while the dealer is dealt 2 cards with one facing down. The cards you have hold points based on their face value. For Cards between 2 – 10, the face value is how much they are worth, however, Jacks, Queens and Kings are each worth 10 points and an Ace is worth either 1 or 11. The Target is to reach 21 first, or at least be closer than the dealer. If you go over 21, you are ‘bust’ and you lose immediately.

Once the cards are opened and shown to you, you can either ‘Deal’ or ‘Hit me’. To ‘hit me’ means to open up new cards and try to get closer to 21 but take the risk of going bust. Deal means that you think the value of cards is sufficient and would not like to open any new cards. In this case, the dealer will continue to open up new cards until he either exceeds you or goes bust.

To get a ‘Blackjack’ means to score exactly 21 right off the bat, in which case the opposite party loses immediately, there is no competition! Insurance means that you guess the Dealer has a blackjack and it pays 2:1 instead, to you! So if you can see the blackjack coming, you can use the insurance option and still leave with money!

What’s more is that while usual Blackjacks are played with one hand, only 2 cards, you can play this game with up to 3 hands. That’s a great option to optimize three sets of hands against one dealer’s hand!

Not feeling Confident? Play the game in ‘play for fun’ mode. This Demo mode or Trial mode is available for most games at Casino Sloty besides the Live Casino games, as it is not possible in that mode. All you have to do is bring your cursor on top of any game and watch the two options appear in front of you ‘Play for fun’ ‘play for real’ and you can choose the option to play for fun. This is a great feature, quiet popular in most online Casinos because this way you can get your hands on the game, get used to the rules and payouts and then play online with some real money when you think you are ready. One could use this option when they are running a bit low on cash, or when they don’t understand the game, or when they are just bored and would like to have a little fun! Besides, the whole purpose of gambling is to entertain, not make money. So one might as well play free games.

Baccarat is another enjoyable card flipping game. In Baccarat, the target is to reach 9 points, where Tens, Kings, Jacks, and Queens are all worth 0 points, Ace is worth 1 Points and the remaining cards are worth depending on their face value. You can bet on either Player, Banker or a Tie between both. Gets 8s,9s are called naturals and is an instant win.

Both parties are given 2 cards at first, facing up. When the cards total exceed 10, then the total points minus 10 is the current score. So Getting an 8 and 6, is worth 4 points instead of 14. Players don’t have to choose a specific side, betting on Player or Banker is essentially the same.  To bet a Tie means to get equal scores, in which case no one wins and you get 8:1.

Stepping towards the Progressive Jackpot in Poker Games

Poker is another game known far and wide and often comes with integrated progressive Jackpots. At SlotyCasino there are a variety of Poker Games including Jackpot Poker, Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker Deluxe and many more!

Brought to you by Quickfire and powered by MicroGaming, one of the grandest Poker games is

Aces or Eights

Eights and Aces is a special Poker Game in which 8s and 7s are considered special.

While the payouts are provided above, the definitions of each winning are as follows:

  • Jacks or Better: To get at least 3 jacks or higher
  • 2 Pair is to hold a pair of cards with same rank regardless of suit
  • 3 of a Kind is to hold 3 cards of the same rank regardless of suit
  • Straight is all five cards in a sequence with no regards to color
  • Flush is to get all five cards from same category
  • A full house is a combination of 3 of a kind and a pair together
  • 4 of a Kind (others) is to get 4 cards of the same rank regardless of suit
  • Four of a Kind (Sevens) is based on this games special theme of ‘eights’ and so there is a higher reward if the 4 of the same rank are 7s
  • Theme based Four of a Kind(Aces or Eights) based on the main game itself, is the second highest reward for getting all 4 Aces or All 4 8s
  • Most rewarding is Straight flush a combination of Straight and Flush, All 5 cards of the same suit in sequence.

In addition, there is the option to ‘hold cards’, right after you are dealt the cards, you have the choice to freeze as many cards as you want and have the remaining cards flip again.

Watch the gambling fun come to life on the Live Casino Sloty.

Can you handle the real deal?

Live Casino at SlotyCasino is where all the popular games are played on the next level, with other live players betting off against you this is where you show off your hours of harnessed and polished skills in your favourite game.

At Live Casino you can play all the top games like Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker as well as some popular game shows like Dream Catcher, or the child age fantasy, Monopoly!

Dream Catcher is a thrilling spin the wheel game.

Spin the wheel and see the scroll of your lucky open up right in front of you!

In Dream Catcher the wheel is marked with numbers 1,2,5,10,20 and 40. Your bet is multiplied with the number you hit, even 40x! Numbers 1, 2 are most common and number 40 is most rare, likewise. In addition, there are also ‘2x’ or ‘7x’ which literally doubles your winning and gives you a free spin. The Number you hit on your free spin is then doubled!

Dream Catcher is one of the top trending live games, that works via live streaming giving the thrill of catching your dream and making it a reality! So spin the wheel, keep the shoulders stressed and see the rainbow spin and stop at the biggest win. The Number you hit on yo ur free spin is then doubled!

Promotions: Let it keep spinning, rolling, flipping or reeling

To keep the slots reeling, the cards flipping, the dice rolling and the wheels spinning, offers a bundle of promotions to its valued customer so the fun never stops!

There are promotions for New players, Regular Players and Event promotions that only last so long, so catch them before they are gone!

  • Welcome Newcomers! Sign up in Sloty or login, deposit money and claim your rewards!
  1. 1st Deposit: 100% Bonus up to $300 + 300 Free spins!
  2. 2nd Deposit: 50% Bonus up to $400, using Bonus Code/Promo Code: WSLOTY2
  3. 3rd Deposit: 25% Bonus up to $400, using Bonus Code/Promo Code: WSLOTY3
  4. 4th Deposit: 25% Bonus up to $400.

Free spins are provided on games like Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, Red Riding Hood and Aloha! So play free games for real wins.

  • Welcome Newcomers!! (Louder) Wait, the newbie’s fun is not over yet! And there are more Welcome Bonuses. In the Live Casino get 100% up to $100 extra to play online with upon your first deposit.
  • Win a 7-night cruise in the Mediterranean: Just click the ‘promotion opt-in’ button, deposit and play with a total of at least $50 until 30th September on any game and get your chance to be in the prize draw.
  • Happy Hour 2021! Like to kick in the bed and entertain yourself on a tiring Tuesday evening when the work was just tiring? There is a Tuesday Happy Hour from GMT(16:00 – 18:00) Just deposit $20 and play on any game, and you will get 10 Free spins on the following day on fun Slots like Fairytale legends: Red Riding Hood, Aloha! Cluster Pays and Dazzle me.
  • Game of the week: As long you wager at least a little, you are eligible for this promotion. Every week you can have a bonus and a free Game (a free spin on a new game). Get a 25% up to $100 bonus and 10 free spins on the new game and what the reels spinning to big rewards.

VIP – A treat for tuxedos and black cars lovers!

Casino Sloty treats its VIPs like VIPs! Offering them so much, they just can’t help but feel special.

  • Exclusive VIP promotions, Bonuses and Free spins on top of regular promos
  • Tickets to fly on world’s top holiday destinations
  • Holiday package, be it to get the tan in summers or star warm in Christmas
  • Dedicated Account Manager, available exclusively to assist you
  • Faster Payment and Withdrawal services, so you don’t have to wait for the fun to begin
  • Birthday gifts! Yes, you are remembered!


  • Payment Methods: A number of payment methods are offered in order to enhance the convenience of players since Financial Matters are usually more sensitive than others. It can be done by Debit/Credit Visa Card, Master Card, Maestro, Skill, Electronic Voucher, Neteller, and ecosafe with instant process timings.
  • Languages: The website is available in a number of languages English (UK, England, Canada, EU, South Africa), French, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and German.
  • Mobile app: Apart from PC, free Sloty application can be downloaded on IOS, Android for all the fun games available on a quick tap on Iphone, Ipad or other phones.
  • Support: Support methods are various, including 2 email contacts for separated issues and a helpline that can be contacted on phone. VIPs have their exclusive account managers.

Our verdict

To sum up this review, Sloty Casino is one of the top Online Casino platform of 2021 regulated and in accordance with top gaming authorities like MGA and GC. With a website or app design that catches the eye of users almost instantaneously, and a user interface that you can operate even when you are half-asleep, Sloty Casino definitely has the edge in site matters. Moreover, the variety of games is extremely large, 1300+, which is not found often giving plenty of entertainment to a lot of unique players. In addition, there are good support services, with the Support team being highly reflexive in responding, aiding their players and assisting them in their matters.

The Welcome bonuses are also exceptionally generous, by offering extra  $1500 to play with, the newcomers are bound to fall in love with Sloty. It is also a great head start, for players to test all games and fall in love with one or more! Unlike most regular Online Casinos that only offer a meager $100 or $200 of Welcome bonus, this is all set to make Sloty players feel special. Sloty Casino is highly recommended, due to its massive variety of games, massive bonuses and promotions, and a support staff that is faster than light.

Review is written by Raleigh M. Myers